Alla Breve Real-Time Music Collaboration App 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, countless musicians stopped playing in person to exercise physical distancing. Instead, many turn to online apps like Zoom but found the experience to be subpar due to latency and audio issues.

In order to tackle this challenge, PCMA has assembled a technical team to design an app that would allow musicians to collaborate, teach and practice music in real-time like they do in person. It has also learned that the imminent 5G mobile network rolled-out in Canada and elsewhere in the world will finally, for the first time, cut down network latency drastically so a real-time remote music collaboration app can be a viable reality.

Certain features of the app include:

  • Full duplex sound (ability for the sound to travel both ways simultaneously)
  • Minimal latency to facility musicians collaborating online in real time
  • 5G connectivity (when it becomes available) on mobile devices
  • Special features such as built in metronome, variable audio and video optimization

PCMA anticipates to launch the app in winter of 2021

Partnership with UBC and AWS

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with the University of British Columbia Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Alla Breve, the app we are developing, will be powered by leading cloud technology. Musicians will enjoy low latency online rehearsals, lessons and collaborations, bringing real-time online music performance to an innovative “stage” in the cloud right in your home.