Coaching Preparation2021-12-15T13:28:58-08:00

Coaching Preparation

PCMA stresses the importance of teamwork and commitment as part of our 4Cs core values. We expects students to be well-prepared for their first coaching by doing the following:

  • Start learning the music as soon as they receive their score or part
  • Inform their private teacher about their PCMA participation and it is strongly recommended that they also bring the music to private lessons 2-3 weeks prior
  • Listen to the chamber work multiple times to acquire a good understanding of the piece as a whole to figure out the roles of your part: when do you have the solo and when are you accompanying
  • Ensure correct rhythm and counting for long notes and rests to facilitate ensemble playing during rehearsals
  • Advanced students can also study the score and learn how the parts are related to each other
  • If measure numbers are missing, add them at beginning of each line
  • Bring a pencil to coaching

Students may also contact PCMA to arrange private lessons with our coaches if their own private teacher is unavailable.

The Bottom Line

PCMA designed all programs to be a fun, educational and rewarding experience, a chance to explore new repertoire and to expand your musical horizon. The more prepared you are, the more you can enjoy and learn from the collaboration and coachings. Coming to coachings well-prepared does make a very big difference to you and others in your group. And please remember that this is about teamwork!