Music, Language & the Brain2019-11-04T12:23:13-08:00

Music, Language & the Brain

Music areas of the brain are closely associated with auditory and speech areas of the brain. These are predominantly the hypocampus, cerebellum, and the parietal lobe for music which are linked to our left frontal lobe where the broca area is located which deals with speech production and articulation.
Also connected by neural pathways is the posterior superior temporal lobe where the Wernicke area is located and has to do with sequencing information which affects both language and music.

One brain system, based in the temporal lobes, helps humans memorize information in both language and music— for example, words and meanings in language and familiar melodies in music. The other system, based in the frontal lobes, helps us unconsciously learn and use the rules that underlie both language and music, such as the rules of syntax in sentences, and the rules of harmony in music.