Alla Breve

Real-Time Music Collaboration App 

Our Alla Breve app, jointly developed with UBC Cloud Innovation Centre and Amazon Web Services, allows music students and educators to collaborate, teach, and rehearse music in a low latency and high quality audio streaming virtual environment like they do in person. Certain features of the app include:

  • Full duplex sound (ability for the sound to travel both ways simultaneously)
  • Minimal latency to facility musicians collaborating online in real time
  • 5G connectivity (when it becomes available) on mobile devices
  • Special features such as built in metronome, variable audio and video optimization

PCMA is thrilled to announce that the alpha version is now available free of charge. This version requires a laptop computer with a hardwire internet connection, separate microphone and headphone. Please contact us for more information.

Alla Breve Project Team