It was the most amazing and enjoyable week throughout the whole summer!

Patrick, clarintist - Vancouver Academy of Music

It’s an awesome experience to work with the excellent faculty. I learned a lot of stuff this week!  Really enjoy the camp!

Bryan, cellist - University of Victoria

Eileen was excited after her very first chamber music group practice. She couldn’t wait for the following sessions to play together with her new friends. ‘It was interesting to play with other people, and I feel great,’ she said. Then she even started to pay more attention on her chamber music practice than her solo repertoire. She knew it was a teamwork, and she didn’t want to let the group down.

Lynn, parent

My experience at this camp was amazing! Since this was my first time playing chamber music, I learned a lot of new things related to playing as a group. It was a pleasure working with other musicians and putting together a piece in just a few days. It’s always great making new friends, and I’ll definitely be back next year for a whole new experience.

Jade, pianist - RCM ARCT

We would like to thank you for hosting the PCMA Summer Camp this year which my daughter Isabel attended. She really enjoyed the experience, the music and the performances! She especially enjoyed meeting new friends and performing together. Thank you to you and all the instructors for sharing the enjoyment of music with all of us at the summer camp.

Michael, Parent

The program was well organized and I truly enjoyed this wonderful musical experience with other talented people. I really appreciate and loved the chamber music program not only because of the brand new opportunity for young musicians and also the fun collaborations.

Patrick, pianist - RCM ARCT

“It has been an amazing time playing with the Shostakovich group. I got to learn many techniques for playing in chamber music. Both students and the coach were very friendly and professional. I hope to do more chamber music in the future.”

Cadence, violinist - RCM level 6

“I notice PCMA is different than most organizations. You look out for your prospective students. Your effort is much appreciated.”

Abby, parent