Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for any of PCMA programs if you are 11 years old and above, and RCM level 9 or equivalent for piano or RCM level 7 or equivalent for strings and winds.

We assess students’ availability, age (except for adults), level and experience, and arrange them in chamber music groups (duo, trio, quartet etc) accordingly.

Coachings are arranged at a mutually convenient time for students and coach.

It depends on 2 factors. First of all, the instrumental make-up of the group determines plays a big part. For example, in a piano trio, the 6 coachings will be more or less evenly split between a piano and a string coach. The other factor will be the location of the chamber group members, as we will also try to assign coaches who live close to the students

No. Students need to learn their part from their own private teacher and be fully prepared for rehearsal. The coaches’ primary duty is facilitate collaboration of the group, but will also address any technical, musical and stylistic issues as well

Coachings are arranged at a mutually convenient location for students and coach, which could be at the coach’s or a student’s home.

A: Payment may be made using the following methods:

1. Mail cheque, payable to Pacific Chamber Music Academy, to 2995 Grizzly Place, Coquitlam, BC V3E 2Z6 (there is a $35 for NSF cheques)

2. E-transfer

$30 registration fee is non-refundable. Student much provide 30 day notice to terminate in order to receive a full refund on tuition minus registration fee.  In case of a Covid19 lock down, we will refund however many coachings are cancelled