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Referred Students Registration

Step 1: fill out registration form



    I give permission to Pacific Chamber Music Academy to release photos and videos from my participation solely for marketing purposes.
    YES-I agree with the waiver.No-I DO NOT agree with the waiver.

    Step 2: Tuition Payment

    E-transfer $350 tuition fee (non-refundable) to: 

    Teamwork and Commitment 

    In order to achieve a high level of team work and commitment with our coachings, PCMA reserves the right to release students from participation in coaching and/or performance if they exhibit disrespectful physical or verbal demeanour OR show a very poor attitude or effort in their musical preparation.

    PCMA strives to support students in their learning, development, but if a student continues to display poor attitude and effort, we have no choice but to release a him/her due to the reasons aforementioned, and tuition will NOT be refunded.