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Referred Students Registration

Step 1: fill out registration form



    I give permission to Pacific Chamber Music Academy to release photos and videos from my participation solely for marketing purposes.
    YES-I agree with the waiver.No-I DO NOT agree with the waiver.

    Step 2: Tuition Payment

    Please e-transfer tuition fee (non-refundable) to: 

    Teamwork and Commitment 

    To help students better prepare for their first coaching, please refer to our coaching preparation page.

    The Bottom Line

    PCMA designed all programs to be a fun, educational and rewarding experience, a chance to explore new repertoire and to expand your musical horizon. The more prepared you are, the more you can enjoy and learn from the collaboration and coachings. Coming to coachings well-prepared does make a very big difference to you and others in your group. And please remember that this is about teamwork!